Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sydney - New South Wales - Australia

I've have lived all over Australia and if I had to choose a place to visit it's virtually impossible to say just one. Each State has it's own attractions and its own weather. To visit Australia you would need months if not longer to actually get in the full ambiance of the country. 

If you were planning a quick trip you would be wise to research each State first and then choose where you wish to visit to get to see as much as possible for your stay. As I would like to give at least some detail of each State I will stick to one per blog. Today's blog being Sydney.

Sydney, New South Wales is of course, one of the more popular destinations for tourists. It is also the most expensive State to live in with the cost of living being higher than other States. Sydney is well known for the being a city built on hills surrounding Sydney Harbour. The suburbs are surrounded by national parks and bays and beaches. The most publicised beach being Bondi Beach. Catch the Manly Ferry from Circular Quay for great views of the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. Explore the . historic North Head with breathtaking Sydney Harbour views.

You can visit Sydney Opera House, go for the climb of the Sydney Harbour Bridge or stop in to the Toronga Zoo. There is a multitude of night life and restaurants and of course plenty of places to shop. Whether it's a visit to the Sydney Aquarium or a ferry ride around the Bay. You won't be bored!

Weather in Sydney is warm summers and mild winters. Rain is spread throughout the year and of late there has been a lot of flash flooding. 

As Sydney is moderated by its proximity to the ocean the further out you go the warmer it gets. January is the warmest month with temperatures averaging between 25.8 C (78F) up to 45.3 C (113.5 F). In winter with the coldest month being July the temperatures rarely drop below 5 C (41F).

Sydney with its great climate makes outdoors living a way of life. It is like most of Australia laid back and relaxing but at the same time exciting and full of hustle and bustle.

Take some time to travel further out than the actual city and visit some of the national parks. Go see the Blue Mountains or the Three Sisters. Visit the national parks as well as the tourist destinations. Hire a car or get on a tour and enjoy what Sydney has to offer. 

Try local foods as well as the variety of international influences that have become part of cuisine in Australia. Get fresh fish from fisherman's wharf in the bay or just stop in to any of the local "fish and chip" shops and have it all cooked for you.

Most of the parks and even the beaches have bbq facilities there so you could enjoy cooking outdoors and enjoy the outdoor way of life and take in the sights at the same time. Chat with the locals and I'm sure they will direct you to good local spots that are worth a visit too.

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